Who is Jill Scott?

Professor Dr. Jill Scott is an artist, teacher and context provider with 40 years experience in the unique transdisciplinary field of art, science and technology interactions. Her research spans neuroscience, electronics, ecology, sociology, sculpture, performative installation and media art. Her artwork is focused on the human body, the social and physical impact of technology on our bodies and the health of our environment. She asks: How does technological and biotechnical “progress” affect way we “see” our body? How can artists raise awareness about the human body and the scientific structure of sensory perception? How can artists shed light on the health affects of our physical environment? To address these questions, she builds interactive media installations that immerse viewers inside designed environments. She explores how visual metaphors and poetic analogies might create an alternative forms of art and science communication to help others learn more about sensory perception and reflect on their own ideological, biological, ecological, gendered and ethical futures.

Links to AIL, LASER, Z-node, zhdk and atmosphere one

ARTISTSINLABS The Artists-in Labs Residency Program was founded in 2002 by Jill Scott and directed by her in the Institute for Cultural Studies, Zurich University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. It is currently directed by Irene Hediger. Downloadable Paper (PDF). /

ZNODE Z-node is the original Art and Science PhD Program supervised by Jill Scott. It was a co-operation between the ZHdK ( University of the Arts, Zurich) and the University of Plymouth, in corporation with The Planetary Collegium. The program graduated 16 internationally well known artists in three art–oriented clusters- in ecology, neuroscience and computer science. The site still provides this community with networked exhibitions and conference potentials.

LASERZURICH is the new Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous in Zurich. It is part of the encouraging community of Leonardo magazine: MIT Press. LASER is an ongoing monthly Salon based in the alternative Salotto Café in Zurich. Artists and scientists are regularly invited to discuss ethical and discursive themes with the general public. Jill Scott and Silvie Cuperus organize the series.

Atmosphere ONE

ATMOSPHERE ONE This is an environmental art team headed by Marille Hahne and Jill Scott to focus on the fact that the balance of molecular gases in our atmosphere is now our number one priority for future life and the sustainability of nature on our planet. Because of the need to raise public awareness after the PARIS Climate Change agreement, we are currently open for new collaborations. The project consists of 4 parts: 1) The water air-hydrogen cycle, 2) The oxygen – carbon cycle, 3) Vice versa – Photosynthesis and 4) The release and storage -the energy cycle (electricity) Please contact us if you are interested.

More Information (PDF)